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When the House recessed yesterday at about 4 PM and ledderhose disease images the Senate at about midnight, the major legislating for 2019 was just about done. All that’s left is reconciling differences between the House and Senate ledderhose disease images on a few dozen bills, including the state budget. Then there are the vetoes, veto override votes, meetings on retained and re-referred bills, and bills being drafted for next year. So maybe it’s not just about done.

Next week, the House and Senate will look at remaining bills which ledderhose disease images have been approved on both sides but with differing details ledderhose disease images and decide whether to “concur” with the other chamber, “non-concur” and have the bill die, or “non-concur and request a committee of conference” in hopes of arriving at a version acceptable to both ledderhose disease images the Representatives and Senators. Committees of Conference (CoC) will then have a week to meet and report back. Since this is an odd-numbered year, the big one will be the Committee of Conference on ledderhose disease images the state budget, also known as HB 1 and HB 2.

Differences between the House and Senate budgets include a tax ledderhose disease images on capital gains approved by the House but nixed in ledderhose disease images the Senate, a $60 million difference over increased school funding (the House with the more generous position), and Senate changes in the ways businesses are taxed. Both versions include a Family and Medical Leave Insurance program, funded by a small payroll deduction which the governor labels ledderhose disease images an “income tax.” Assuming the CoC reaches an acceptable compromise, the new budget would return to the House and Senate ledderhose disease images on June 28 or 29, when the session is supposed to end. (Read more on the Senate budget from the NH Fiscal ledderhose disease images Policy Institute.)

With the governor still against the Family Medical Leave proposal ledderhose disease images and probably with additional objections to suspension of further cuts ledderhose disease images in business tax rates, a veto is likely. If that’s what takes place, the House, Senate, and the governor will have to at least agree on ledderhose disease images a “continuing resolution” to authorize government activities in the new fiscal year, which begins July 1. The terms of a continuing resolution would not only include ledderhose disease images the authorized levels of spending but also specify a new ledderhose disease images deadline for action on a biennial budget.

Unlike the House budget, the Senate version sets aside $17,500,000 to build a new, 25-bed psychiatric hospital, on the grounds of the NH Hospital, to accommodate people with severe mental illness who have been ledderhose disease images civilly committed to the Secure Psychiatric Unit at the state ledderhose disease images prison. The budget language specifies, “This facility shall be operated and managed by the department ledderhose disease images of health and human services. The state shall not enter into a contract with a ledderhose disease images private or for-profit prison company for the construction or operation of the ledderhose disease images secure psychiatric facility unit.”

At the close of its session Wednesday afternoon, the House approved an amended version of SB 10, re-authorizing the state to set a minimum wage and raising ledderhose disease images it in two steps to $12/hour by 2022. However, the amendment puts the House and Senate at odds with ledderhose disease images each other over the exact provisions, with the House-approved version calling for tipped workers to get a minimum ledderhose disease images wage 50% of the standard level and the Senate siding with the ledderhose disease images hospitality industry over a flat $4/hour wage for tipped workers. Assuming the Senate non-concurs, we hope a CoC resolves the difference in favor of ledderhose disease images workers. (For more on the differences between the House and Senate, see Bob Sanders’ article in NHBR.)

Raise Up NH, of which we are a member, hopes to influence any lawmakers still wondering if the state ledderhose disease images should raise the wage. To this end, we will hold a news conference next week to release ledderhose disease images polling data showing that support for re-establishing a state-based minimum wage is both widely and strongly held by ledderhose disease images a majority of Granite Staters. The news conference will take place on Wednesday, June 12, at 10 AM in the LOB lobby. You are all welcome to attend.

“The parties agree that not a single school in the ledderhose disease images State of New Hampshire could or does function at $3,562.71 per student. Because of the dearth of evidence in the legislative record ledderhose disease images to support such a determination, the Court finds RSA 198:40-a,II(a)—which is essentially the gateway to an adequate education in ledderhose disease images New Hampshire—unconstitutional as applied to the petitioning school districts.”

As other judges have done before, Judge Ruoff assigned responsibility for fixing the system to the ledderhose disease images legislative and executive branches rather than devising a new formula. “The Court stops short of picking its own number as ledderhose disease images the appropriate cost for an adequate education—at this point,” he wrote. “The impact of the Petitioners’ request on the State budget is approximately a $1.6 billion increase. Such a decision should not rest in the hands of ledderhose disease images judges. However, as the Supreme Court has repeatedly warned in school funding ledderhose disease images cases: constitutional rights must be enforced or they cease to exist.”

John Tobin, who was one of the attorneys in the 20th century ledderhose disease images Claremont case and now works with NH School Funding Fairness ledderhose disease images Project, called it a “careful, thoughtful, and measured decision” and “a respectful command to the Legislature to meet this admittedly ledderhose disease images complex obligation, along with a clear differentiation of the roles of the ledderhose disease images Judiciary and the Legislature in setting and evaluating educational policy.”

Yesterday, the Senate approved HB 504, calling for Congress to approve an amendment to the US ledderhose disease images Constitution allowing for regulation of campaign contributions. As several groups noted, the vote makes NH the 20th state to call for ledderhose disease images such a move, in response to the 2010 Citizens United decision. “We know Granite Staters care deeply about this problem,” commented Olivia Zink of Open Democracy. She noted that 82 towns have also passed local resolutions ledderhose disease images calling for an amendment to overturn Citizens United. Representative Ellen Read, the bill’s prime sponsor, added, “Today, New Hampshire has made a giant bipartisan statement that we ledderhose disease images won’t stand for corruption. That people are more important than money.” However, because HB 504 is a bill, not a resolution, it requires the signature of the governor in order for ledderhose disease images it to be officially adopted.

The bill prohibiting discrimination in public schools, SB 263, passed the House without further amendment, which means it is on its way to the governor’s desk. The bill, which was supported by the Governor’s Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion, creates a cause of action for anyone who believes they ledderhose disease images have been discriminated against to bring civil action against the ledderhose disease images school or the school district.

As he did last year, Governor Sununu vetoed a popular bill expanding net energy metering. HB 365 would raise the limit on the amount of ledderhose disease images solar and hydropower that businesses and towns would be able ledderhose disease images to generate and sell to the regional electric grid. The increase would be from 1 to 5 megawatts. In his veto statement, the governor wrote: “This bill is a regressive cost burden on citizens that ledderhose disease images benefits large-scale solar developers while hurting all ratepayers, including the elderly and those on fixed incomes.” The proposal had broad and bipartisan support, but we have seen the governor succeed in convincing Republican ledderhose disease images legislators to change their minds and side with him. More on this from Annie Ropeik at NHPR.

We are relieved to report that HB 572, the bill proclaiming the second Saturday in June as Pollyanna ledderhose disease images of Littleton New Hampshire Recognition Day, was signed by the Governor in the nick of time. Pollyanna, a character in a book written by Littleton author Eleanor ledderhose disease images H. Porter, is a symbol of welcoming and optimism, something we can certainly use more of.

“Affording Home: A Look at Affordable Housing Policy Issues in NH” will be held in Room 202 at the UNH School ledderhose disease images of Law on June 19, from 8:15 AM to 9:30 AM. This panel will be moderated by Elissa Margolin, Director of Housing Action NH, and features the following panelists: Steve Duprey, President of Firefox Management and the Duprey Companies; Ben Frost, Director of Public and Legal Affairs at NH Housing and ledderhose disease images Finance Authority; Cathy Kuhn, Vice President of Research and Training at Families in Transition ledderhose disease images and Director of the NH Coalition to End Homelessness; and Sarah Wrightsman, Executive Director of Workforce Housing of the Greater Seacoast.

HB 315 Relative to the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program ledderhose disease images and the accuracy and efficiency of voter registration systems. The House bill terminated New Hampshire’s participation in the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program, developed by Kris Kobach of Kansas. The Senate amended the bill to terminate NH’s participation in the Kansas program after the Secretary of ledderhose disease images State signed up to participate in another (un-named) organization with the purpose of sharing information with other officials ledderhose disease images to improve the accuracy and efficiency of voter registration systems.

HB 466 Relative to initiating amendments and corrections to birth ledderhose disease images records. The bill was amended in the Senate to stipulate that ledderhose disease images the person will surrender any prior birth record and that ledderhose disease images the city or town of birth will retain it. The city or town clerk will submit the application for ledderhose disease images a new one to the state registrar. Upon approval, the clerk will issue a new birth record with a ledderhose disease images note indicating the record has been amended.

HB 564 Relative to possession of firearms on school property. The House version banned firearms on school property unless school ledderhose disease images districts make other provisions. The Senate amended the bill to give school districts the ledderhose disease images authority to create their own prohibitions. It’s a big difference, sort of opt-out vs. opt-in. We prefer the House version.

SB 142 Requiring menstrual hygiene products in school restrooms. The House added an amendment that stipulates that menstrual hygiene ledderhose disease images products will be available at no cost in all gender-neutral bathrooms and designated female bathrooms in middle and high ledderhose disease images schools. The amendment stipulates that the school district shall bear the ledderhose disease images cost, seek grants, or partner with a nonprofit or community organization to fulfill ledderhose disease images the obligation.

SB 148 Relative to notification to public employees regarding their ledderhose disease images right to join or not join a union. The House amendment provides that a public employer shall provide ledderhose disease images to an employee organization access to members of the bargaining ledderhose disease images unit that the employee organization exclusively represents and lists what ledderhose disease images rights that access will consist of.

11:00 AM Subcommittee work session on retained bill SB 237, relative to the office of cost containment. This bill amends the procedure for determining an indigent defendant’s ability to pay for court-ordered counsel in a criminal case and provides that a ledderhose disease images repayment obligation shall only apply to a defendant who has ledderhose disease images been convicted or a juvenile who has been found delinquent. This would end the practice of billing indigent defendants whose ledderhose disease images cases were dismissed.

"Behind Chain Links: Children in Custody," with a report from Homestead Child Detention Center, discussions of the psychological effects of family separation and the ledderhose disease images profit motive behind child detention. Greetings and refreshments at 1:30 pm; program begins at 2:00 PM. Sponsored by Kent Street Coalition, Loudon Democrats and Independents, CC4D and Wilton NH Peace Action. Info at 603-496-9605 or on the Facebook event page.

“Lives Bound Together: The Washingtons & Ona Marie Judge in NH,” walking tour sponsored by NH Black Heritage Trail, with Sankofa Scholar & Tour Guide, Tammi Truax. During the Spring of 1796, Ona Judge, an enslaved woman owned by the First Family escaped the ledderhose disease images Executive Mansion in Philadelphia and made her way to Portsmouth. Hear the full story on our tour. Tour meets at 222 Court St. Portsmouth at 2 PM. Sign up here

2019 NH Progressive Summit, at Manchester Community College, 8 AM to 5 PM. Keynote panel on “Overcoming Generation Lockdown: Bold New Policies & Tactics to Save Lives” featuring Charlie Mirsky, Co-Founder & Political Director of March for Our Lives; IIgor Volsky, Author & Executive Director of Guns Down America; and Clai Lasher Sommers, National Survivor Network & Executive Director of GunSenseVT. Find out more and register here.

The AFSC is a Quaker organization supported by people of ledderhose disease images many faiths who care about peace, social justice, humanitarian service, and nonviolent change. Arnie Alpert and Maggie Fogarty direct the New Hampshire Program, publish the newsletter, and co-host the “State House Watch” radio show on WNHN-FM every week while the legislature is in session.