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The final countdown is on!!! With less than 5 weeks until my due date, I thought I would share a few of the things ledderhose disease mayo clinic that have helped me get through this pregnancy, well, almost! Now, let me say, every pregnancy and person is SO different. Some mommies don’t swell while others don’t have pelvic pain. These have been two of my biggest issues.

2. Shrinkers.Like most pregnant women, I’ve gained weight during this pregnancy. Duhh, this is the only time in my life where it ledderhose disease mayo clinic is acceptable and expected!!! I am going to do it, guys. Happy Holidays! LOL! But more than anything, I swelled, a lot! I stopped wearing my wedding ring, and my limbs inside my prostheses were definitely more than ledderhose disease mayo clinic snug. Unfortunately, I can’t just buy bigger clothes to fit or wear compression ledderhose disease mayo clinic tights/socks to help with the swelling. After talking with my prosthetist, he suggested that I wear Knit-Rite shrinkers.

No lies here – I wore the shrinker all night like I was told. The next day I was able to fit into my ledderhose disease mayo clinic socket without forcing myself into it. I was sooo happy! It’s not pleasant when you can’t fit into your walking legs – trust me!!! The compression prosthetic shrinker is usually used for control or ledderhose disease mayo clinic prevention of edema following amputation surgery, for limb volumetric maintenance, to minimize hypertrophic scarring and to give compressive support for ledderhose disease mayo clinic pain relief. But in my case, it definitely helped with my pregnancy swelling and I hope ledderhose disease mayo clinic it will continue for the last 5 weeks!

What is it about? STRONGER is a fact-based drama that takes on the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. On April 15, 2013, Jeff Bauman was near the finish line of the Boston ledderhose disease mayo clinic Marathon, holding a handmade sign in support of his runner-girlfriend Erin. When she was still about a mile away, the two bombs went off, killing three people and injuring hundreds, including Bauman who lost both of his legs that day. When he regained consciousness in the hospital, he was able to provide the FBI a detailed physical ledderhose disease mayo clinic description of one of the bombers leading to apprehension. Immediately, Bauman was hailed as a hero – both locally and nationally. The film does a nice job of telling Bauman’s story and how his life unfolded over the next ledderhose disease mayo clinic few months. As he struggles with his new life challenges, including PTSD and adjusting to life as an amputee, he strives to do better. But, he simply doesn’t understand why he is viewed as a hero, and doesn’t particularly embrace what comes with that label, at least early on. (Welcome to my world in more ways than one – see last week’s blog. 😉 ) I won’t reveal the ending in case you haven’t seen it yet. But it is definitely worth the watch.

This movie has educated people about the bombing, losing limbs and the long physical and mental recovery. I appreciated how the film focused on the everyday struggles ledderhose disease mayo clinic of adjusting to life as an amputee — waking up, going to put your feet on the floor and falling ledderhose disease mayo clinic flat on your face (phantom feeling), navigating large crowds, getting in and out of a car, and attempting stairs — all of the things you take for granted before an ledderhose disease mayo clinic injury like this.

Finally, the language factor. Despite the movie being a true story, and the point of the movie is to show the ledderhose disease mayo clinic tragic truth, I do wish the language was a little more PG! The movie has way too many F-bombs, and I wouldn’t want to show it to children. And sadly this is a lost opportunity to educate them. Even though we know that kids all know the bad ledderhose disease mayo clinic words, the sheer amount of F-bombs was over the top. I do understand that this is the way the characters ledderhose disease mayo clinic actually speak, but appealing to a younger audience would only benefit the ledderhose disease mayo clinic lesson we can all learn from this situation. This story needs to be shared with all but because ledderhose disease mayo clinic of the language, it is limited.

Knit-Rite’s Torso Interface Protective Body Socks offer the maximum comfort ledderhose disease mayo clinic due to its superior quality. Slightly heavier than a t-shirt, our Torso Interface provides more cushioning, moisture wicking and anti-microbial properties to keep skin dry, protected and comfortable. Each torso interface has seamless finishing and helps to prevent ledderhose disease mayo clinic skin irritation. The garments are made with super soft materials for added ledderhose disease mayo clinic soft comfort against the skin. An outstanding stretch allows the garment to fit tight against ledderhose disease mayo clinic the skin and be virtually wrinkle-free, reducing another point of irritation.

The torso garments are made in different materials to meet ledderhose disease mayo clinic the varying needs of most patients. Material options include CoolMax®, Silver X-Static® and Cotton/Lycra. The CoolMax® option, which is white in color, is a premier moisture wicking fiber. Silver X-Static®, which is grey in color, is especially helpful when skin rashes are noticeable. Both of these fibers are antimicrobial to help eliminate odor ledderhose disease mayo clinic in the garment. For those that prefer a natural fiber, there is also a Cotton/Lycra option, which is a light beige in color.

AFOs, KAFOs and SMOs are plastic splints or braces made to ledderhose disease mayo clinic keep feet and legs in the correct position for standing ledderhose disease mayo clinic and walking. They can be worn for a number of reasons including ledderhose disease mayo clinic realigning the joints; providing support to weakened joints or muscles; stopping or limiting abnormal motion; helping to control abnormal muscle tone; and providing protection, any of which can affect people who have one of ledderhose disease mayo clinic these conditions: cerebral palsy; multiple sclerosis; polio; Charcot disease; ALS; dropfoot; adult-acquired flatfoot secondary to posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD). Most orthotists, the practitioner who fits patients with their braces, recommend that their patients wear a good AFO sock under ledderhose disease mayo clinic their braces to protect their skin. AFO socks must be long enough to cover all the ledderhose disease mayo clinic areas of skin which will come into contact with the ledderhose disease mayo clinic AFO brace. They must be well fitting. And they must be pulled up firmly to eliminate any ledderhose disease mayo clinic creases or other points of irritation. SmartKnit Seamless AFO, KAFO, and SMO Socks are made especially for adults and children ledderhose disease mayo clinic that wear these braces.

The most important criterion to those that wear braces is ledderhose disease mayo clinic their seamlessness because sock seams can be a major point ledderhose disease mayo clinic of irritation. Our socks are made the same way that a caterpillar ledderhose disease mayo clinic spins its cocoon – starting at the toe and circling to the top. This process is critical because it is what makes our ledderhose disease mayo clinic socks seamless – there is nothing to stitch together.

Another point of comfort is the moisture-wicking properties contained in our AFO socks. In addition to the Core-Spun yarns, our AFO socks contain Polyester, or X-STATIC® — The Silver Fiber® with Lycra® spandex for superior moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties. Moisture-wicking fibers help to control odors in the sock, as well as keeping feet dry by wicking moisture away ledderhose disease mayo clinic from the skin.

SmartKnit Seamless AFOs are available in an infant size, three child sizes and three adult sizes. Color options include white, black, grey, charcoal, pink, purple and navy.* KAFOs are available in an infant, size, three child sizes and two adult sizes. Color options include white, black, grey, pink, purple and navy.* SMO socks are available in five different sizes and in ledderhose disease mayo clinic white, black, charcoal, pink, purple and navy.