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A small coven of proto-Druidic nature worshipers danced around a full moon. The parishioners, all women from the local village, danced and lept with pure joy. Unknown to them a group of raiders from a few ledderhose disease radiotherapy villages over had heard of the moonlight dance and figured ledderhose disease radiotherapy the women would be easy targets. They were. They were defenseless and without weapons or armor. These raiders believed they had stockpiles of gold and silver, but nothing like that existed. In outrage, the raiders slaughtered them all.

The murders caught the attention of the coven’s Goddess, Rhamnusia. Aggrieved and enraged she appealed to the other gods. “Please!” she cried out, “please let them know the vengeance they deserve.” But this was the time after the War at the ledderhose disease radiotherapy Gates of Dawn and the gods were weak and weary. Not only did they fear to give up any remaining ledderhose disease radiotherapy power they had, but secretly they could not do so; such was their weakened state. Only the God that had prompted the raiders on did ledderhose disease radiotherapy not fear.

With this power, She raised her followers. She equipped them with arms and armor and sent them ledderhose disease radiotherapy on a mission of vengeance. Their forms were same; the Goddess wanted to these raiders to know that it ledderhose disease radiotherapy was the once peaceful coven now come for their deaths. With sword and wing; armor and scream, the new angels flew to their targets. Like the Eumenides of old, their unerring flight sought out the guilty and they destroyed ledderhose disease radiotherapy them.

The Angels had tapped into the righteous fury left behind ledderhose disease radiotherapy by the Erinyes. The power that was of thousands of Angels of Vengeance ledderhose disease radiotherapy and Retribution now flowed through the bodies of less than ledderhose disease radiotherapy a score beings. Gone was the peaceful coven. In their place stood the avatars of Vengeance and Death, and even the gods themselves were not immune from their ledderhose disease radiotherapy justice.

The dirae appear as angels with dark wings touched with ledderhose disease radiotherapy silver. They are often armed and armored. All dirae are female, but it can often be difficult to tell when their ledderhose disease radiotherapy helms are donned. They do appear attractive, but there is a quality of sadness, anger or purpose about their appearance that makes most mortals ledderhose disease radiotherapy uncomfortable. The guilty fear them and the devoted see them as ledderhose disease radiotherapy manifestations of justice.

The dirae are tasked with punishing the guilty. Petty crimes are beneath their attention as mortal laws are ledderhose disease radiotherapy designed to deal with those. The dirae focus their vengeance on the worst crimes committed; those against the innocent. Not all crimes can be punished by the dirae; there are too few of them, but when they set out to punish a mortal nothing ledderhose disease radiotherapy can stop them.

Dirae attack with a sword two times per round or ledderhose disease radiotherapy a scourge. The scourge does damage and acts as a Rope of ledderhose disease radiotherapy Entanglement. Both weapons are considered magical and holy when dealing with ledderhose disease radiotherapy other creatures. They slay evil creatures without hesitation or remorse. If they are sent to slay a human then they ledderhose disease radiotherapy will do so as quickly as possible. If someone is in their way or prevents them from ledderhose disease radiotherapy their task they will slay that creature as well. Three times per day the dirae can Scream. This attack causes fear (as per the spell). Creatures 5 HD and lower are affected with no save. Creatures 6 HD and higher are allowed a save vs. spells. Affected creatures cannot attack.

As agents of good and evil respectively, the Dirae and Erinyes often are at cross purposes, but in their roles of vengeance, they will sometimes see their purposes aligned. Due to ancient pacts that go beyond gods and devils ledderhose disease radiotherapy the Dirae and the Erinyes are forbidden to act against ledderhose disease radiotherapy each other directly. They can’t harm or interfere with each others’ hunts.

Ah. Now this feels like a homecoming of sorts. All year I have been talking about how this is ledderhose disease radiotherapy my 40th year of playing D&D. In a very real sense, my early D&D experiences were originated and shaped by the Classic Greek ledderhose disease radiotherapy myths. By 1979 I was 9 years old and had already ledderhose disease radiotherapy read all the books in my local library on myths ledderhose disease radiotherapy and legends. Since it was a small town it was the late ledderhose disease radiotherapy 70s there were not a lot of choices; I had "American Tall Tales" and Greek and some Norse myths. But mostly Greek. One of my favorites was D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths. I read it many times as a child and even ledderhose disease radiotherapy revisited it back in college and even as an adult. It was one time while reading this that a friend ledderhose disease radiotherapy of mine let me borrow his AD&D Monster Manual to read. I was hooked.

While AD&D owes a sizable debt to "Lord of the Rings" and the tales of Howard, Lovecraft, and Smith, there is also a great portion of the "D&D Mythos" that comes from the tales of Greek Mythology. Even before I crack open my D&DG there are monsters from the Greek Myths filling my ledderhose disease radiotherapy Monster Manual. There are the basilisk, catoblepas, centaur, chimera, cockatrice, dragons, dryad, elementals, erinyes, Geryon (monster or devil), giants, giant animals, Golems (at least the iron kind), gorgons, hags, harpy, hell hounds, hippocampus, hippogriff, invisible stalker, lamia, larva, lemure, lycanthropes, manticore, medusa, mermen, minotaur, nightmare, nixie, nymph, pegasus, salamander, satyr, giant scorpion, shadow, skeleton, sphinx, sylph, titan, and triton.

There are also a number of monsters in the Deities ledderhose disease radiotherapy and Demigods book that could have been easily moved over ledderhose disease radiotherapy to the Monster Manual. Not as demons, but as monsters. In particular, the Lesser Cyclops comes to mind. Another giant (the Greeks loved giants), the Hecatoncheire or the Hundred-Handed one would be another good choice. Titans are listed in the MM and you could build ledderhose disease radiotherapy one of the "named" Titans in the DDG with the stats, though many are much, much larger. This seems like a good time to bring up Titans.

Allow me to add just a few more words here. The Scarred Lands, of which I know insufficient details at this time, seems a most intriguing setting. Perhaps you will find it likewise. If so, consider how very adaptable its premise is, the war between gods and titans, and the resulting "world" thereafter. Does it not lend itself to adaptation into many different ledderhose disease radiotherapy settings? From the mythological Greco-Roman and Norse (substitute "giant" for "titan" and there you are) to any authored world environment in which two or even ledderhose disease radiotherapy several groups of deities contended and one triumphed.

Geryon is our first one to really stand out. There is the devil Geryon and the Greek Giant Geryon ledderhose disease radiotherapy have a link, but it would be really difficult to claim they are ledderhose disease radiotherapy the same. The Giant Geryon was the 10th Labor of Heracles. He was described as a triple-bodied monster with human faces. The Devil Geryon comes from Dante Alighieri’s Inferno. While my norm has been to try to fit things ledderhose disease radiotherapy together, I think in this case there are far too many ledderhose disease radiotherapy differences between these two creatures to try to reconcile.

All the books are extremely modular. This was a design goal by Norman and it pays ledderhose disease radiotherapy off. Everything is easy to find. Sections usually take up a page or multiple full pages. If you were so inclined you could cut up your ledderhose disease radiotherapy books (!) or print out the PDFs and reorganize them as you ledderhose disease radiotherapy see fit. Really at this point, the only thing that could make these books easier to ledderhose disease radiotherapy use is having all the content in a spiral-bound volume so it can lay flat at your table.

The Core Rules weighs in at 34 pages and gets ledderhose disease radiotherapy to the very heart of the B/X Essentials line. The essential Essentials as it were. It covers Ability scores in general, sequences of play and all the basic rules needed. Combat is covered separately. Magic also gets a bit of coverage here in general ledderhose disease radiotherapy terms and including how spells can be researched and magic ledderhose disease radiotherapy items made.

The rules have been "cleaned up" from their obvious predecessors. Focus is on readability and playability here. In fact all the entries under the basic rules are ledderhose disease radiotherapy alphabetical, so finding something say like Movement, is easy. In the original rules it took a bit of digging ledderhose disease radiotherapy to actually figure out how much a character moves. This was vastly improved in later editions of the game, but here it is very succinctly spelled out. Other rules are equally made clear.

The Classes and Equipment book comes in at 44 pages. It begins naturally enough with character creation. Some details, such as Ability scores, are detailed here, but also give a call back to the Core Rules ledderhose disease radiotherapy book. Still, though everything is here to make a character. For practice, I made a 7th level Cleric just using this book. It went extremely fast and very little need to flip ledderhose disease radiotherapy pages back and forth. I just needed to use the Spells book to pick ledderhose disease radiotherapy out spells.

The modular design of the B/XE system extends to this book as well. Each class begins on an even-numbered page and extends to the next odd-numbered page. You can then hold the book flat, put it up two-pages at a time on your screen, and read everything you need in a glance. I really appreciate this level of attention paid. Many books do not do this and in fact, look like they were just run off on Word’s PDF converter. There is more attention put into the layout here than ledderhose disease radiotherapy in most products and to me, that is what sets this above the others.

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