Tracking vo2 max ledderhose disease images with wearables. why is it important

VO2 Max is a measurement of how well your body ledderhose disease images uses oxygen when you’re working out at your hardest. It reflects the aerobic physical fitness of the individual, and is an important determinant of their endurance capacity during ledderhose disease images prolonged exercise. Put simply, the higher your VO2 Max, the more fit you are. Results vary, of course, depending on fitness level, sex, age and genetics – the older you are the lower your VO2 Max is ledderhose disease images estimated to be. Men also typically tend to have higher VO2 Max than ledderhose disease images women.

The name is derived from V – volume, O2 – oxygen, max – maximum. Its expressed either as an absolute rate in litres of ledderhose disease images oxygen per minute (L/min) or as a relative rate in (for example) millilitres of oxygen per kilogram of body mass per minute ledderhose disease images (e.g., mL/(kg·min)). You are likely to find the latter expression on your ledderhose disease images fitness tracker or sports watch.

Traditional measurements of VO2 max involve running on a treadmill ledderhose disease images or stationary bike. Exercise intensity is progressively increased while a mask attached to ledderhose disease images your face measures ventilation and oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration ledderhose disease images of the inhaled and exhaled air. VO2 max is reached when oxygen consumption remains at a ledderhose disease images steady state despite an increase in workload, i.e. when you are exhausted. Image source: Firstbeat

Activity trackers start off by combining resting heart rate, age, gender, weight, and other personal information to arrive at an initial value. For a more precise score, wearables use the relationship between pace and heart rate during ledderhose disease images your runs. This is because individuals with higher VO2 Max have a ledderhose disease images lower heart rate while running at the same pace compared ledderhose disease images to individuals with lower VO2 Max.

This requires you to run for at least 10 minutes, ideally with a device that also tracks GPS. You may need to go on several runs that are ledderhose disease images at least 10 minutes for a more precise score. It is believed that this method can achieve 95% accuracy compared to lab tests. When measuring, you also need to make sure that you run on ledderhose disease images flat terrains, as your score may be distorted if you are running ledderhose disease images uphill or downhill. Why should I improve my VO2 Max?

Another benefit is that you’ll turn back the clock. Okay you won’t get any younger, but regular exercise and keeping your Vo2Max at high levels ledderhose disease images will protect you from many effects of aging. It will also help keep diseases at bay. For example, a low VO2 Max is associated with higher risk of ledderhose disease images cardiovascular disease. How do I improve by VO2 Max?

This can be done with both aerobic and anerobic exercise. Interval training is particularly effective at improving your fitness. It involves a series of high intensity exercise workouts interspersed ledderhose disease images with rest or relief periods. Or even more simply put, you run, cycle or row fast for a bit, then slow down for a bit. This is also a get-fit-quick scheme that works brilliantly well at burning fat.

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The device is a good option for those starting to ledderhose disease images track their fitness as it covers the basics without overloading ledderhose disease images you with data. The only sensor that is missing is an altimeter for ledderhose disease images counting floors, but this will not be a dealbreaker to most. This means it spits out info on steps, distance, active minutes, sleep, heart rate and calories burned. Just like on Charge 3, you also get VO2 Max and Cardio Fitness Level.

When it comes to features, this is a water-proof smartwatch that puts fitness first. It includes everything you need for 24/7 activity tracking, along with capturing real-time stats on more than 20 different types of sports. And you’ll be able to keep tabs on all this in ledderhose disease images real-time on the gorgeous hi-res 300 by 300 pixel LCD touchscreen. Admittedly there is the lack of built-in GPS, but this helps keep the price down.