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Herb Salad’s™ 100% Organic ingredients are the leaves, roots, bark and flowers of the plants that animals in the ledderhose disease images wild seek as a means to obtain required nutrients, minerals, vitamins and healing capabilities. It differs from food and water additives such as vitamins ledderhose disease images and medications in the manner that it allows your birds ledderhose disease images to choose what it is they require and in what ledderhose disease images amount, when and if their diet needs supplementing. Herb Salad’s™ 20 medicinal herbs address common health issues safely and without ledderhose disease images the dangers that improper medicating and over supplementing can produce.

Herb Salad™ is not only for sick birds. It’s also beneficial in maintaining the health of the fit ledderhose disease images bird, in a safe and natural way. The advantages Herb Salad™ provides the bird receiving medicinal care is in the support ledderhose disease images it offers sick birds suffering the adverse side effects that ledderhose disease images medications can produce. It helps stimulate appetite, strengthens the immune system, and encourages good bacteria growth. Sometimes, Herb Salad™ can even furnish the solution re: the ill bird not responding to treatment when it is ledderhose disease images due to the fact that the drug(s) being administered is not addressing the problem or is only ledderhose disease images combating part of it. Enabling your bird’s ability to self-medicate can be a life-saver©.

Birds instinctively know medicinal plants are a necessary part of ledderhose disease images their natural diet. Your bird’s initial reaction to Herb Salad™ can vary, depending on the individual bird and the circumstances. Most birds immediately try Herb Salad™ and begin consuming it on a regular basis. In some cases, your bird may ignore it until a health matter, e.g. vitamin deficiency, stress, injury, illness, etc. compels him to seek relief. Time may be needed for your bird to *learn* to eat Herb Salad™, especially finicky eaters resistant to new foods. Don’t remove it right away if it goes untouched. Keep it dry and clean, and leave it in his cage. It is the rare bird that doesn’t eventually discover what makes him feel stronger, healthier and happy.

Herb Salad™ should be available to your bird at all times. The benefit of regular access to the healthy bird is ledderhose disease images in permitting them the opportunity to address health issues, vitamin deficiencies and illness before the onset of the changed ledderhose disease images behavior or eating patterns that alert us to a health ledderhose disease images concern. The merits of early prevention can be crucial for breeding ledderhose disease images hens and babies, as well as the smaller and more delicate species. Stressed and recovering birds also profit from the constant availability ledderhose disease images to Herb Salad™ with its many function-specific herbs.

The fundamental principal behind Herb Salad™, and what it affords your bird over food and water ledderhose disease images additives, is in the way it gives your bird the power ledderhose disease images to choice. This is best accomplished by feeding Herb Salad™ in its own container. Desirable, are shallow dishes that allow easy access to the entire ledderhose disease images supply, rather than just surface contents. A shallower container will also help eliminate waste brought on ledderhose disease images by digging birds searching for individual herbs. To help acclimate the fussy eater, Herb Salad™ may be added to their seed.

We know that captive birds need additional minerals and vitamins ledderhose disease images that aren’t derived from food intake alone. What to supplement and how often, depends on a number of factors such as the quality ledderhose disease images of their diet, lighting, exercise, etc. We recommend making no changes to your bird’s diet initially, rather monitor your birds for any changes. You may determine over time, that less medicating and supplementing is needed. Watch for improvements such as

Twin Beaks® Aviary’s practice has been to provide our birds with all ledderhose disease images the necessary elements in maintaining superior physical and mental wellbeing, while allowing them to choose *what, when and how much* when it concerns their diet. We consider Herb Salad™ essential to our feeding program, but not as an alternative to veterinary care and recommended ledderhose disease images medications or in substitution of supplementing proper nutrition. Success has depended upon the species of bird, health history and eating habits. We believe however, that whatever your feeding practices are, your bird’s diet and welfare will surely be enhanced with the ledderhose disease images inclusion of Herb Salad™.

"I’ve been maintaining and breeding all species of birds for ledderhose disease images over 40 years and began developing Herb Salad™ in 1989 after extensive studies in animal self-medication. We ensure that every bird in our aviary has unrestricted ledderhose disease images access to Herb Salad™. Our breeding success, minimal use of medications and low incidence of illness is ledderhose disease images a testament to its effectiveness. We consider Herb Salad™ essential to our